Payroll / Personnel

CA&ES DiSSC provides the following payroll and personnel services to Staff, Academics and Students 


  • New Hire Paperwork processing 
  • Pre-Placement Physical scheduling 
  • DMV Pull Notice registration 
  • Benefits Orientation scheduling 
  • Basic orientation (TAPS, ID card, AYSO,  TRS, required training, FAQs) 
  • Position descriptions and CTO agreements 
  • Background check information and tracking  

Payroll processing and review, including: 

  • Timesheet calculations and processing (paper and electronic, TRS) 
  • Mandatory review of Payroll/Personnel transactions 
  • One time payments  

TRS Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) Services: 

  • Set up and maintain supervisor, schedule and compensatory information 
  • Return timesheets to supervisor 
  • Assist with resolution of inquiries  
  • Escalate TRS technical issues to the TRS Help Desk and facilitate resolution

Payroll/Personnel transaction Processing: 

  • Hires, reclassifications, promotions, transfers, appointment and distribution changes 
  • Funding changes 
  • Additional employment 
  • Visa updates (PPS Entry and I-9 reverification only) 
  • Home department code changes 
  • Employee name changes 

Student employment actions: 

  • Work study funding entry 
  • Student increases (longevity and special recognition) 
  • Appointment extensions 


  • Calculate final hours, TRM, CMP, etc.,  for final check, and process via usual pay method or final check request to Central Payroll, as appropriate 
  • Provide Fidelity and benefits information 
  • Vacate position (staff only) 
  • Notify central HR retirement gift program (if applicable) 
  • Process emeritus rehire (if applicable)  
  • Process transfers to other UC campuses and Health System departments (in PPS)  

Alternate home department code access: 

  • Provide alternate home department code access to UCD Campus and Health System departments requiring PPS access 
  • PPS/OPTRS/DRS access maintenance 
  • Other: 
  • Complete Employment Development Department (EDD) unemployment audits 
  • Vacation accrual code maintenance  
  • Employment Service Credit audits & inquiries