Mission Statement

DiSSC is a customer-focused support team dedicated to the highest level of consistent, comprehensive and efficient Human Resources, Payroll and Leave Administration Services to the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. Our team strives for excellence and embraces innovative practices to further advance the overall mission of the University.


  • DiSSC support the organization with friendly, reliable, resourceful and positive personnel
  • We value excellent customer service, collaboration, mutual respect and innovation.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Providing outstanding quality service experiences with courteous, proactive and responsive measures that regularly exceed expectations.
    • Collaboration: Sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and working together toward common goals.
    • Mutual Respect: Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion; we fundamentally value and respect experiences that are different from our own, and serve clients based on fair and sound principles.
    • Innovation: Dedicated to continuous process improvement to assure consistency, efficiency and accuracy.