Should you ever need to take a leave of absence from UC Davis, we're here to support you. 

CA&ES DiSSC coordinates the following types of Leaves: employee’s own / family member's serious health condition, pregnancy disability, parental bonding, military leave, personal leave, Administrative, Furlough’s and Workers’ Compensation leave


Our services include

  • Verify eligibility  
  • Notice employee of rights/responsibilities  
  • Coordinate LWP/LWOP and process payroll 
  • Complete DNOT (if applicable) 
  • Coordinate return to work 
  • Provide leaves counseling via phone, email and in person. 
  • Coordinate with DMS  (Disability Management Services) for industrial and non- industrial leave. 

Catastrophic Leave:  

  • Provide catastrophic leave application information (when applicable) 
  • Coordinate approval from central HR 
  • Monitor and track donations/usage 
  • Department Personnel Leave File Management: 
  • Manage all documents for employees’ file. 


  • Coordinate with the department to ensure the employees are not paid during an employee’s furlough. 
  • Provide Central Benefits office and (E&LR) Employee and Labor Relations with appropriate forms during furlough. 
  • Checking for suspended benefit premiums (IDED) 
  • Workers’ Compensation: 
  • Coordinate with Workers’ Compensation office in regards to all industrial leaves for employees that are not accommodated or off duty due to industrial injury. 
  • Adjust leave as instructed by Workers’ Compensation during the leave. 

Medical Separation: 

  • Complete Medical Separation form questions as requested by (DMS) Disability Management Services and coordinate with department and employee.