Cutover Deadlines are a necessary part of transitioning to UCPath 

Printable Cutover Calendar

Critical cutover timelines for the HR SSO, PPS, UCPath and more, in a printable, calendar format. 

Download Cutover Calendar (pdf.)

DiSSC has established the following deadlines, in conjunction with campus partners, to ensure we can process critical payroll, personnel and other transactions for our customers as UCPath Go Live approaches.  

Firm Deadlines
These deadlines have been established to ensure information transitions successfully into the UCPath system. We appreciate you familiarizing yourself with these deadlines and encourage you to share them with others.

If you have any questions about the deadlines below, please direct any questions to a member of the DiSSC team.

Payroll and Timesheet Deadlines

Payroll Processing Schedule Deadlines  Deadline
Last day to submit cases to ensure information is included in the MO 8/30/19 pay Tuesday, 8/13/19 @ 5 pm          
Last day to submit cases to ensure information is included in the BW 9/4/19 pay Monday, 8/19/19 @ 5 pm
Payroll processing schedule will be suspended for September, resuming in October  
August Monthly Timesheet Deadlines (Pay Period End 8/31/19) Deadline
Deadline for paper timesheets (for August pay) 8/16/19 @ NOON
Employee deadline for August MO Timesheet Submission (TRS unavailable until 9/9) Between 9/9, and 9/13 @ 5 pm 
Supervisor deadline for August MO Timesheet Approval Tuesday, 9/17/19 @ NOON
Service Channel Deadline Friday, 9/20/19 @ NOON
TImesheet Deadlines for BW PPE 9/21/19 Deadline
Deadline for Paper Timesheets (must project time from 9/19-21) Wednesday, 9/18/19 @ 5 pm     

Employees must populate timesheet for the period of 9/18-9/21 by 9/17/19.

Timesheet must be left in "Saved" status. Review for accuracy on 9/20 and submit.

Friday, 9/20/19 @ 5 pm
Supervisor Approval Deadline (TRS) Monday, 9/23/19 @ NOON
Service Channel Deadline Tuesday, 9/24/19 @ NOON

UCPath Cutover Deadlines

Activity  Deadline
Last day to submit PPS changes for MO non-student academic employees Monday, 8/19 @ 3 pm
Last day to submit PPS changes for MO staff employees Monday, 8/26 @ 3 pm
Last day to onboard Monthly Paid employees for conversion to UCPath Thursday, August 29
PPS & UCPath unavailable for MO employees during MO conversion Friday 8/31 @ 5 pm - Saturday 9/7 @ 6 am
UCPath available to Service Channels for pay impacting transactions only Saturday, 9/7 @ 6 am - Thursday 9/12
Last day to submit PPS requests for BW employees Tuesday, 9/3 @ 3 pm
Last day to onboard Bi-weekly paid employees to ensure transition to UCPath Friday, September 6
UCPath and PPS unavailable for transactions during BW conversion Thursday, 9/12 @ 5 pm - Friday, 9/20 @ 6 am
UCPath available for pay impacting transactions Friday, 9/20 @ 6 am
Service Channels converting newly eligible employees to TRS Friday, 9/20
MO Payroll Processing Friday, September 20
BW Payroll Processing Starts: Monday, September 23
Ends: Tuesday, September 24

 All transactions received after the deadlines will be held until normal processing resumes.

Recruitment Cutover Deadlines


Recruitment Activity

Thursday, 8/29

Last day for positions with a closing date of Sept 25th or earlier, that need to be classified prior to posting. Submit requests to DiSSC via AggieService “for recruitment only

Wednesday, 9/4

Last day to submit recruitment requests in AggieService, where the PD requires no changes, with a closing date of Sept 25th or earlier

Thursday, 9/5  -  Wednesday, 9/25

DiSSC will continue to submit requests to Talent Acquisition.  These requests will be posted in TAM on 10/1

Thursday, 9/26  - Monday, 9/30

Job Requisition Pause – all requests will be held in DiSSC for submission to TAM once it is live

All job postings removed from UCDavis Careers pages (special communications are planned for the Careers Website)

Tuesday, 10/1

UCPath Go-Live, Postings appear on UCDavis Careers Page